Fort Myers

Southern Oak Insurance offers the residents of Fort Myers and the surrounding area the most comprehensive homeowner’s insurance coverage in Florida coupled with the industry’s best customer service.  Please click HERE to get a free quote or to learn more about homeowner’s insurance in Fort Myers.

About Fort Myers

Fort Myers is popular for its beaches, fishing, and shopping, but also for its unique connection to two of the nation’s most productive inventors and business leaders.  Residents share the town with both the Thomas Edison and Henry Ford Winter Estates which date back to the early 1900’s when the two bought land next to each other in downtown Fort Myers.  Outside of its connection to the historic figures, Fort Myers is one of the best places in the state of Florida to live, play, work, and shop.

Fort Myers Personal Liability Insurance is included with each Southern Oak Insurance policy starting at $100,000 and upgradable to $500,000 with a Premier Homeowners Endorsement.

Flood Insurance, personal property replacement, animal liability, and hurricane coverage for screened enclosures are also optional insurance coverages Fort Myers homeowners can choose through Southern Oak Insurance.

Speaking with one of our home insurance agents is convenient, completely free, and comes with no obligation whatsoever.  Our network of independent agents can help you compare your Fort Myers homeowner’s insurance policies to make sure you get the most comprehensive coverage for your family’s needs at the best price.

Find out how our family can protect yours by clicking HERE.

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