Identity Theft Coverage

We know that protecting your family goes beyond simply protecting your home.  If you become the victim of identity theft or fraud, Southern Oak will be there with up to $25,000 worth of coverage to help pay for expenses incurred as a result of the theft.  Florida leads the nation in reported cases of identity theft and fraud.   We are doing everything possible to ensure you can get back on your feet should you become the victim of identity theft.  Read more about Identity Theft Coverage here.

Personal Property Replacement Cost:

An important option that upgrades your Contents Coverage valued based on Replacement Cost of the items rather than the Actual Cash Value at a time of loss.

 Animal Liability Coverage:

Coverage is not automatically included for animal liability, but may be added to provide a $25,000 liability sub-limit and medical payments of $2,000.  Qualifications do apply.

 Golf Cart Coverage:

This option provides Golf Cart Physical Damage coverage should you own a golf cart.

 Hurricane Coverage for Screened Enclosures:

Coverage for a loss resulting from the peril of windstorm during a hurricane can be added for screened enclosures at specified limits.  Hurricane coverage for these is not automatically included.

 Scheduled Personal Property:

Specific coverage amounts may be provided based on recent receipts or appraisals for household items you would like to cover at a unique value.  This is often used for jewelry, artwork, antiques and more that you want to ensure are covered for a certain amount.

 Optional Sinkhole Coverage:

While Catastrophic Ground Collapse coverage is included in Southern Oak policies, you may consider adding Sinkhole Coverage for additional protection.  Qualifications do apply.

 Acorn & Canopy Protection Packages:

These Premium Packages offer changes in various coverages on a package basis, including increased limits on several coverages and additional coverages not otherwise offered.  Ask your agent for details on increasing your Golden Leaf Protection with one of these premium packages.

Optional Flood Policy: 

Everyone is at risk for flood damage.  Complement your homeowners policy and make sure your home and family are covered against flood damage with a Southern Oak Flood policy.

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NOTE: Additional coverages may not be available on all policies and may require the policyholder to meet certain conditions to qualify.  Please consult your agent with specific coverage questions.
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