On: January 8, 2024 In: Homeowner's Insurance

As Florida braces for the impending severe weather, with forecasts of potentially damaging winds, heavy rainfall, and the possibility of tornadoes, we at Southern Oak Insurance want to remind our community of the importance of staying safe and vigilant. As a family-oriented company deeply rooted in Florida, our motto, Our Family Protecting Yours, has never been more relevant. We understand that your home is more than just a structure; it’s a haven for you and your loved ones, and we are here to help you protect it.

This weather system, featuring a powerful low and an associated cold front, is unique in its strength and potential impact for this time of year.  Winds at higher altitudes could reach 70 to 90 mph. These conditions, coupled with the squall line of thunderstorms, pose significant risks to homes throughout Florida.

In light of this, we encourage our Southern Oak family to take all necessary precautions to safeguard your homes and families.  After the storm has passed, and it is safe to do so, we advise a thorough inspection of your property for any signs of storm damage. Pay particular attention to your roof, windows, and the structural integrity of your home, as the predicted wind gusts (45-60 mph in North Florida and the Deep South, and 30-45 mph in Central and South Florida) can cause noticeable damage.

The tornado threat along the northern Gulf Coast, especially in areas like the Panhandle, calls for extra caution. These tornadoes can be rapid and unpredictable, and we urge families in these regions to have a plan in place for seeking shelter quickly if needed.

In addition to wind damage, heavy rainfall and potential flash flooding are significant concerns, especially given the saturated ground from recent rains. Check your home for any water intrusion and take steps to mitigate the risk of flood damage. Remember, even minor leaks can lead to major issues if not addressed promptly.

Above all, we urge everyone to stay updated with the latest information from the National Weather Service and the Storm Prediction Center. Your safety and the protection of your home are paramount to us. In times like these, let our family at Southern Oak Insurance be a pillar of strength and support for your family.

Stay safe, Florida. Together, we will weather this storm. Our Family Protecting Yours.