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On: July 11, 2018 In: Agent Blog

Because of the Internet, today’s Florida homeowners insurance agents have access to hundreds of resources that were not available a decade or so ago. However, the World Wide Web has become so vast that it can be tough to know which information or services are truly useful. In that spirit, these are 10 truly useful online tools and sources of information that can help agents grow their business.

1. The Southern Oak Blog

The Southern Oak Blog posts consumer-friendly articles that can help spark ideas for insurance agents and help them find the right angles to use to inform their clients.  The Southern Oak Agent Blog provides tips and insights targeted specifically to independent insurance agents to help generate insurance leads, market, and grow their businesses.

2. The USAA Homeowners Insurance Advice Center

The USAA Homeowners Insurance Advice Center features policyholder and agent resources covering every aspect of insurance and more.  From personal finance, family life to disaster & recovery plans and home protection plans, there are myriad tools to share with your customers.

 Homeowners Insurance Leads

3. The Florida Association of Insurance Agents (FAIA)

FAIA provides Florida agents with advocacy, educational and networking opportunities, and much more. Part of the FAIA is the Young Agents Council, or YAC, that provides additional development opportunities to agents younger than 40 or who have been in the business less than 10 years.

4. LinkedIn Insurance Agent Groups

LinkedIn is a giant B2B social networking site with groups that cater specifically to professional agents. These groups help agents connect with thousands of other and potential clients in Florida and all over the country. Check out some of the best LinkedIn groups for insurance professionals to join!

5. Insurance Journal

Insurance Journal is usually considered a must-have resource for professional insurance agents. The journal is a source of regional, national, and even international news that relates to the industry. Agents can subscribe for a variety of free newsletters on topics that include industry jobs, technology, and breaking news.

6. The Best Email Marketing Software

Agencies benefit from sending out their own newsletters. An email subscription list can help retain clients and also serve as a source of insurance leads. Agents can compare options on this PC Magazine review of several of the most popular email marketing options.

7. Insurance Agency Management Software

Updated insurance agency software helps agents manage an agency, save time, and best of all, service clients better. Capterra, a business software portal, lists and describes some of the most popular agency management software. This list includes both web-based and installed options.

8. Content Management Systems for Agent Websites and Blogs 

WordPress has evolved from a blogging solution into the most popular content management system on the planet. Many affordable hosts make installing this free software on a website simple and easy for agents without the budgets for site designers. There is also a hosted option at WordPress.com for agents who would rather not deal with their own hosting. If WordPress isn’t your thing, there are dozens of content management systems that integrate landing pages, email, social media, blogs, and much more on an easily usable interface. 

9. The Grow Program

This website is totally dedicated to helping agents grow their agencies on the Internet. The Grow Program works with agents and agencies to help them attract clients, build a brand, and become more social online.

10. Paradiso Presents

Chris Paradiso shares his strategies to grow insurance agencies socially with both offline and online methods at Paradiso Presents.

Florida homeowners insurance agents have to thrive in a tough and competitive market. In this digital age, efficiency and productivity depend upon making good use of Internet resources. Hopefully, these ten online insurance resources will save agencies time and help them serve their clients better.

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