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Southern Oak is not your “big box carrier,” we are not all things to all people, and that’s OK because what we do, we do very well. We are discerning to protect the longevity of our product, policyholders and company.

Southern Oak is a privately held company with a very tenured, Florida born and raised CEO/Founder and the helm. The Leadership of this company is very seasoned and all have been there since its infancy.  Unless you have leadership who understands the ever-changing Florida market, you don’t see the necessary changes or exceptions made to accommodate the changes.

Being on every corner is not what’s important to Southern Oak; what is important is Agent partnership. This is something we value and look for when appointing an agency.  By being selective on our appointment process, we are protecting our partners.

Dedicated Underwriters

Name:  Doug Jones
Phone: 877-900-3971 ext. 4175

Name:  Kyle Kedroe
Phone: 877-900-3971 ext. 4530


Kim’s career path began in real estate and then moved to the mortgage industry, which ultimately led her to the world of insurance. Starting in insurance as an independent agent…(read more)

Mobile: 941-224-3524

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