In the aftermath of Hurricane Irma, Florida homeowners need to take extra maintenance precautions to prepare their home for winter. In addition to investing in comprehensive homeowners insurance, there are several DIY tasks you can complete to prepare your home for a safe and happy season.

Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

This is the perfect time of the year to check the indoor air quality of your home and make improvements. Replace the filters in your air conditioner and get your ducts cleaned and inspected. This is especially important if you have pets.

Check Your Plumbing

It’s always a good idea to routinely check your home for potential issues. In the fall, take some time to look for drips and damp spots around the house and then fix any problems right away.

Replace Old Batteries

Keep your family and home safe from fire damage and poisoning by checking and replacing the batteries in all smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.

Seal Off Problem Areas

Check for gaps or cracks around doors, windows, and other entry points around the house. This is the best way to prevent bugs and pests from entering the home. It also increases the energy efficiency of your house by keeping cool air inside.

Clean Your Humidifiers

During the fall and winter months, Florida experiences a decrease in humidity levels. If you use humidifiers around the home, be sure to keep them clean. Dirty humidifiers are a breeding ground for dangerous bacteria and spores that then easily spread throughout your home.

Enjoy a Safe and Happy Year

After this tumultuous hurricane season, it makes sense that homeowners are looking forward to a safe and trouble-free fall and winter. With a comprehensive Florida homeowners insurance policy, you can give yourself and your loved ones peace of mind, no matter the season.

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