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On: December 1, 2017 In: family safety, Homeowner's Insurance

Preparing for travel over the holidays can make people simultaneously anxious and excited. You’re balancing how fun it will be to have family meet your new bundle of joy versus how much your fellow airline passengers will appreciate your precious cargo. When you start feeling overwhelmed, keep these tips in mind for easier travel.

1. Plan Ahead

Tickets sell out fast around this time of year and prices increase as you get closer to the big day. Get your dates and finances in order and make sure they’re set in stone to avoid change fees. Try not to fly out right before Thanksgiving or right after Christmas, because airlines really hike up their fares.

2. Don’t Ignore Your Seating Assignments

You don’t want to have to plead with fellow passengers to switch spots with you so you can sit next to your terrified child. While nothing is guaranteed when you fly, it helps to address these issues now. Plus getting them now may increase your chances for an upgrade.

3. Expect Delays

This is winter, and storms often do their worst. It’s unfortunate and annoying, but it happens. Being mentally prepared and traveling with enough room on your departure dates (e.g., 3 days before the actual holiday) can at least mitigate your disappointment and frustration.

holiday travel4.  Keep It Moving

The time to discover TSA rules is not in the security line. Everyone needs you to be on top of your game so flights can be made and loved ones can be seen. To avoid stress from fellow passengers, travel light, keep your laptop readily accessible and don’t forget to put your liquids in a clear plastic bag.

5. Distract Yourself

Movies on a tablet, games on your phone or even work can pull your mind away from the chaos around you — if only for a minute or two. Take yourself out of the moment when people are fighting over who gets control over the armrest, and you may just save your sanity.

6. Keep Your Strength Up

Eating, drinking and sleeping is pivotal when you’re traveling, but also often skipped in the rush. Take care of yourself during this time period especially to stay strong in the face of a screaming child or frustrated flight attendant.

7. Practice Home Safety

When you’re traveling with all those presents for your family and friends, your home, car and luggage become attractive targets for thieves and opportunists of all kinds. Southern Oak offers homeowners insurance that can cover your personal belongings and gifts whether they’re at home, in the car or on a plane.

If you just want to find out more how to make use of the major airports, click here for our Layover Guide, filled with information on where to eat, shop and plug-in.

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